Wel-Design offers scalable access control systems

from single door access to complete enterprise solutions.

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  • Fire Alarm Systems

  • CCTV

  • Access Control, Intrusion

  • Public Address, Sound, and Clock

  • Telephone Entry Systems / Intercom


Wel-Design is a Premier Level Notifier fire systems distributor. The Premier program is a distinguishing achievement for Notifier distributors. Achievement of this level is accomplished through stringent metrics consisting of business growth, engineering capabilities, large/complex project execution and the commitment to furthering the life safety industry. Fire and life safety systems have evolved tremendously over the past ten years and Wel-Design has been in a leadership position effecting change both locally in the markets we serve and nationally with organizations we belong to.


Wel-Design is a full-service fire systems company. We employ qualified personnel who can design a life safety system from inception, engineer the system on the latest version of AutoCad, specify equipment, deliver on time, program and commission, and submit all compliance reports for AHJ approval. The Notifier Systems we design and sell solve our client’s needs in the following areas:

  • High Rise Buildings
  • Campus Environments (educational, corporate, or industrial)
  • Advanced Gas Detection
  • Wireless Systems for challenging environments
  • Voice Evacuation Systems for Mass Notification Solutions, Intelligibility, and Selective Evacuation
  • Smoke Control and Annunciation Solutions
  • Early Warning Smoke Detection-Vesda Systems




Closed Circuit Television Systems is an evolving business where the only constant is continual change and improvement. The IP cameras of today are capable of recognizing and recording an enormous amount of data with incredible clarity and resolution. Existing legacy analog systems are now easily upgradeable to HD quality often utilizing existing cabling. Wel-Design has the delivery capabilities to provide any facility with a custom video management solution to meet its surveillance needs balanced with its budget.


Wel-Design designs and provides industry leading access control solutions. Access

control systems limit and regulate the

movement of people within a building

or network of buildings. We offer scalable systems to handle the smallest single door application to complete enterprise solutions.

Key features of an access control system Include:

  • Remote time based door locking management.
  • An audit trail of card holder activity.
  • Remote management of door status from a client workstation, tablet or smartphone



Public address systems have become critical to the overall safety plan in the K-12 school market. These systems allow school personnel the ability to deliver live voice announcements and instructions for routine school needs such as daily announcements and general paging. They also allow rapid message delivery in the time of a potential emergency. Integrated with a master clock module, a school’s class change schedule can be handled with ease.


 Wel-Design is proud to partner with Telecor, a leader in the school communications market. Telecor offers an extensive product offering that can properly protect and serve the smallest elementary school as well as an entire school district on an enterprise level. Powerful server-based software can be configured to show locations of call origins and allow broadcast textual messaging over digital clocks. Telecor pa/clock systems seamlessly integrate with other school systems such as access control and phone systems to provide the facility with a powerful solution to increase security and communications breadth.


Telephone Entry Systems and Intercoms are a facility's first line of security when screening visitors and deliveries. Common applications include parking garages, multi-tenant or residential high-rise buildings, and mixed-use buildings.

Technological advancements have made telephone entry systems capable of communicating with VoIP phones, being managed remotely, and adding a large number of users.


For over a decade, Wel-Design has been designing, providing, installing and maintaining intercom systems throughout its service area. In order to preserve its stature as the areas leading provider, Wel-Design is always looking for the best and latest advances in the intercom industry to bring to our clients.


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