Wel-Design offers its customers UL Listed Central Station Monitoring. We partner with Rapid Response, one of the nation's largest central stations to provide this service. Wel-Design will provide all the equipment, installation and programming to make your facility more secure. We offer traditional POTS line, IP, as well as cellular connectivity. Each format has advantages in certain circumstances. We have the experience to lead you in the direction most appropriate for your situation.


Wel-Design is the authorized area distributor for Signal Communications Radio Masterboxes as well as Gamewell Telegraph Boxes. If your building resides in a community whose fire department supports and maintains a municipal alarm reporting system we can make the connection fast and easy. There is no faster way to alert the fire department of a fire emergency than through a directly connected system. These boxes are Agency Listed for Public Reporting and must undergo stringent testing to ensure operation in extremely adverse conditions.




Preventative testing and maintenance of your life safety system is critical to its effectiveness in an emergency. It is not only a best practice in the overall maintenance of a facility but also required by State and Federal codes as well as many property insurers. Wel-Design has been in the testing business for as long as we've existed. We have dedicated teams of testers who are thorough and efficient. At the conclusion of an inspection our customers are provided with a NFPA-72 compliant test report that may be submitted to their local AHJ and/or insurer. An additional benefit of being a service agreement customer is the availability of receiving 24 hour emergency service. We have an answering service that can dispatch an on-call technician if the need should ever arise

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